EXHIBITORS - General conditions

The general conditions for exhibitors :


Organisers :
Pole Position sa, whose administrative centre is at 3 b, rue des Champs / L-8360 GOETZINGEN is the organiser of the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2020.

Place :
In principle, the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2020 (IMS) will take place in the enclosure of the buildings of the exhibition park of Luxemburg at Luxemburg Kirchberg. (Luxexpo - The Box)

Participants :
Pursuant to the ruling herein, THE PARTICIPANT shall be named as any person, company or organisation that has been accepted by the organisers as taking part in the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2020.


Friday 20 November
from 1pm to 8pm
Saturday 21 November
from 10am to 8pm
Sunday 22 November
from 10am to 7pm

The organisers have the right to name the opening dates and times of the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2020 and reserve the right to change these at any time without participants having the right to compensation of any kind. In the case of a change which would affect the date or length of the IMS 2020, existing contracts between the participants and the organiser would be considered binding for the new date or for the new length of time. These date or opening time changes do not give participants the right to even partially renounce their engagements.


The organisers reserve the right to refuse participation to the IMS without explanation.


The declaration of participation form is to be completed and returned to the organiser within the given timeframe. By the fact of presenting a declaration of participation to the IMS, the signatory accepts the conditions of the present rules as well as all other directives of the organiser as legally binding.
Once granted, participation cannot be rescinded by the participant. The rental price of the stand of the participant is due in all cases.
The participant agrees not to cede his stand space, in part or totality, to a third party.


Vehicle exhibition stand
Vehicle exhibition stands are provided bare (other than carpets, walls, electrical material and electricity consumption).
The methods of availability are defined following agreement between the organiser and the participant.
The participant who is granted a vehicle exhibition stand for free cannot show advertising in favour of a third party or of a company on his stand, unless the organiser agrees.

Commercial stand
The stand is commercial if its products are exhibited with the intention of selling them during or after the IMS. Spaces are provided bare (other than carpets, walls, electrical material and electrical consumption).
The methods of availability of the stand are defined in the participation declaration or order form signed by the participant.


The decision of the organiser concerning the place and dimensions of the stands will be given without appeal by the participant. The participants will not have the choice of their place, however the organisers will take account as far as possible of the desires of the participants.
If unforeseen circumstances force them to do so, the organisers reserve the right to modify placement plans of the exhibition or the dimensions of the stands without participants having the right to any compensation.
If the area of a stand is reduced by such a change, the organisers will refund the difference of rental space that results.
Generally speaking, space is rented bare.
Space is modulated on the basis of the square metre.


Stand setting-up and disposition
Participants will have to have finished the disposition of their stands at 8 pm on Thursday 19 November. The setting-up of stands will have to take place between Wednesday 18th of November and Thursday 19th of November. Setting-up time is from 8 am to 8 pm. Exhibited vehicles must be introduced into the motor hall without the motor running and plastic protection will have to be provided beneath them.
Exhibited vehicles must be locked and the batteries disconnected or removed. The keys will be at the disposal of the organizer on the stand during the assembly and during the opening hours to the public.
Exhibitors are kindly requested to enumerate their needs in terms of electricity connections before Friday 30th of October 2020. Electricity generators (included in the grid with fuses) will be billed per stand in relation to the amount of electric power installed.

The price for the electricity includes the connection, the rental of the electricity box and a consumption provision :

1 x 3,000 Watt generator :
232 € excl. VAT
1 x 12,000 Watt generator :
297 € excl. VAT
1 x 40,000 Watt generator :
653 € excl. VAT

Any balance on the electricity consumption will be invoiced seperatly upon receipt of the Luxexpo - The Box report on electricity consumption.For the obligatory control and reception of installations made by electricians other than those of the subcontractor of LuxExpo - The Box (SOCOM), a tax will be levied at a unit price of 25.80 Euro excl. VAT.


Important note
It is strictly forbidden to pierce, perforate, insert nails or deteriorate in any manner whatsoever any of the stand elements, to paint same or affix objects of any kind. Only adhesive letters may be used on the picture rails. In the event of any infringements regarding these instructions, the costs incurred will be invoiced to the exhibitor. All work exceeding the standard setting-up time of the stand elements will be charged out at an hourly rate.


Undoing the stands
The deconstruction of stands will occur on Sunday 22nd of November from 7.30pm to 10pm and on Monday 23th of November from 8am to 4pm.
Exhibitors will have to leave their space in its initial state, a specialist company will take care of the final cleaning. A contractual price of 1.30 Euro per square metre will be charged per stand for the removal, destruction and treatment of rubbish.


The participant will receive an invoice. All our invoices must be settled in full within eight days. As of right all late payments will accrue an interest rate of 12% per annum. In default of settlement of an invoice 90 days after issuance of same, a lump sum amounting to 500 Euro will be charged to the client for administrative and management of litigation costs. The stand or any other type of participation will only become available upon receipt of full payment of the invoice.
All participants in arrears of payment may be excluded from the Motor Show of Luxembourg without the right to compensation.


Legal aspects
Participants declare that they know and respect Luxemburg’s laws as well as all the existing regulatory aspects. It is understood that the exclusive competence of Luxemburg’s tribunals is recognised.
The organisers reserve the right to decree on improvised cases of the present general regulations. Any decisions taken shall be immediately executed.


Staffing a stand
Compulsory presence on the stand 30 minutes before the opening to the public and to 30 minutes after the closure. The organiser declines all responsibility in case of theft.
A security company will assume a night-watch from 9 pm to 8 am from Wednesday 18 November up to and including Sunday 22 November.
The organiser cannot be considered as a depositary of goods.
The exhibitors and their personnel will conform to the directives of the organisers, unless a prior written agreement is reached. The exhibitors cannot sell or offer freely any product for consumption such as drinks, snacks,... unless a prior written agreements is reached with the organiser.


Any loss or damage, whatever it’s nature and whatever it’s cause, that occurs to a participant of the exhibition will not in any degree be attributed to the organisers.
The organisers have subscribed to civil responsibility insurance with the AGF Co of Luxemburg. If the participant so wishes, he can insure the vehicles and guarantee all risks thereto with the organiser, in that case, he will return an insurance demand to Pole Position (before the opening of the IMS) including the type of vehicle, and its value from new. It is to be noted that the language of this all cover insurance excludes the accessories of exhibited vehicles and any damage occurring from dents, scratches, scrapes and oxidation.
In the matter of the stands and exhibition material other than vehicles, an insurance can be subscribed to by the exhibitor. The exhibitor will provide an exhaustive list of objects to be insured as well as their value before the 30th October 2020 at the latest.

The insurance of the stands, of the vehicles, of materials and of merchandise is not obligatory, but in this case, the participant to the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2020 expressly discharges the organiser of any responsibility in case of accidents.


Exhibitor entries
Each stand will receive a given number of passes valid for the 3 days

From 0 to 24 m2 :
2 passes
From 25 to 49 m2 :
4 passes
From 50 to 100 m2 :
6 passes
From 101 to 200 m2 :
8 passes
More than 201 m2 :
10 passes

Exhibitors can purchase additional passes from the secretariat for a unit price of 30 euros excl. VAT.